Affiliate Locations

We are proud to have partnered with these industry-leading dental groups nationwide. Dentists and specialists continue to choose Aligned Dental because of our unique partnership model, robust management and support services, and reputation of success with our affiliated offices. Check back soon to see our latest locations as new partners continue to come on board each month in this fast-growing fourth-generation dental support organization.

Leadership Team

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in group dentistry, Aligned Dental is the perfect partner to help you build your road to success. We look forward to the journey.

Dr. Alex Giannini
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Chris McClure
Chris McClure
Founder & Chief Growth Officer
John McClure
John McClure
Founder & Chief Development Officer
John Petzold
John Petzold
Partner & Chief Financial Officer
Brian Pollice
Board Advisor
Are all the non-clinical tasks of running a practice affecting your team’s ability to provide the ultimate patient experience? And is that, in turn, affecting your bottom line? Aligned Dental facilitates flexible practice transitions so you can sell without selling out. Affiliated dental practices that sign up with us have access to a plethora of services, including administration staffing, financial, marketing, human resources, operations, purchasing, and information technology.
Dental offices can also expect to keep their practice’s identity and true value, which is comprised of their reputation and the team that has formed longstanding relationships with patients. Best of all, dentists seeking to advance their careers through affiliation opportunities can keep their clinical autonomy and independence. We’re the experts you can rely on to oversee and manage all aspects of the business side of things.